Look at the news headlines at the moment. It’s very clear that something is way out of balance on this earth if the very planet we live on is getting so vengeful with us in it’s very nature. We have Bafoons like Donald Trump at the helm of the super power and a crazy dictator at the helm of what could be described as the Eastern Dragon. It is becoming more evident that the shadow over our planet is in some serious need of attention, healing and a whole lot of transformation.

I’m someone who loves science, especially when it combines with spirituality and the two create a synergy that resonates within my soul. I’m not sure if you’ve come across the term Quantum Entanglement. To put it simply, quantum mechanics is the study of the smallest possible matter found and quantum entanglement is the physical phenomenon of this smallest matter all being connected – these tiny  particles cannot be described as being independent of one another even if they are separated by large amounts of distance. The quantum state therefore must be described a whole or collective. It’s kind of like ‘The Tree of Souls’ in the film Avatar which refers to their deity having a source of connection with the Avatar people. It could even be linked to a metaphor for ’The Tree of Life’ which is referred to many times within The Bible. Oh, trees and their huge importance to our existence providing us with the very breath that keeps us ticking. How wonderful they are!

Anyway, back to our Quantum entangled state and connection to one another. This is the very truth of our existence at the most foundational core level we have discovered yet. So why are we living in a reality of separation, division and in some cases serious darkness? This leads me to my next scientific point of how the brain in the human body is the most powerful thing we have and we’re very powerful beings. We were cleverly designed with a right prefrontal cortex which keeps us alive through fear, but if we don’t know how to operate this part of our brain it could go on forever creating fear until we get so scared that, well, I think the outcomes are pretty evident.

So I would say the healing, transformational journey should be at the top of our agenda if we want a hope for the future. As we wake up to the world that we’re living in and decide we want change, we have the power to create change. This looks a lot like living in lovingkindness, truth and self-respecting love. It starts with ourselves and accepting responsibility for our own powerful brains, whilst investing time and energy in transforming our lives so that we’re in alignment with where we need to be to create a sustainable loving future for the generations to come.

As the individual heals, the collective heals, it’s like an inspiring game of tag. The transformed person triggers something within the person living in a place that feels out of balance and causes a catalytic reaction to happen on a quantum level way deeper than we can even begin to imagine. When you share your internal shame and pain in a safe environment and bring it into the light, freeing yourself from whatever is blocking you from living in a place of unconditional love, which is what you are; you heal yourself and in healing yourself, you heal others. You heal the world.


MINDFULNESS – A great way to do some brain training and move awareness away from this part of the brain that drives negativity and fear is to practice mindfulness and deep breathing.

GET CREATIVE – Give yourself time and energy to be creative as this can require turning off pretty much the whole prefrontal cortex. This way we can tap into a much happier state of being.

LIMIT WATCHING NEWS – The media understand that scientifically, fear sells, since this part of our brain has so much power to be lead by, hence why you don’t often see much good news on the television. Limit watching the news and bring your awareness to a peaceful, loving, well place.

SHARE YOUR TRUTH – What is crying out inside of you to be shared and spoken about? Share it with a coach, mentor, pastor, counsellor or healer. You’ll feel the freedom.