It really is true. Just the way you are, right now. The moment you start accepting what your body looks like right now, the sooner your body will start to naturally find its healthy state of being and I can guarantee you won’t be mad at the result. Our bodies are amazing, intelligent systems and they really want to be full of wellness and health. That is their natural state.

That being said, we live in a world that tells us we need to look either Super-Model striking/skinny/tall or Greek God chiseled/buff/tall and about 0.3% of the world’s population look this way. That was a total guess, but I’d say it’s probably even less. Then you add in the fact that we’re surrounded by media that puts more aesthetically pleasing people, determined by society and culture, on stage or screen. There are many reasons why show business likes to put “hot” people at it’s front and centre, and I guess the main one is because we live an overly sexualised western society where “sex sells”.

But I have chosen to be a pioneer of love and believe we’re starting to become more evolved beings and so authenticity and truth are becoming more way more attractive. At least, this is the way I want to steer this world we’re living in and I think it does all stem from the media and entertainment industry. So let’s climb to the top of the mountains of media and entertainment and change the paradigm of body image and what it is to be an attractive human.

So, the journey is to start accepting your healthy, beautiful, nutritious body the way it truly wants to be. When you start to celebrate your body and bring awareness to wellness you will start to encourage a healthier conversation with your body. Choose to give it more love than you thought possible and start creating a healthy inner dialogue, you will know how your body needs to be fuelled and run at optimum function.

Our bodies need water, food and exercise to stay healthy. So start creating a conversation with your body. It’s a little something I like to call “Body Talk”. I find this is usually a happy healthy, intelligent conversation and revolves around whether my body would like some greens, protein, energy or a little sugar or maybe a yoga class, high intensity cardio session or heavy lifting and toning at the gym. Know your body, love your body and learn what it needs to run at optimal function. Sometimes, it does take a stern talk and some self-discipline if we find we’re out of balance and keep feeding the sugar addiction or eat too much of one thing that doesn’t feel loving to our divine nature. Sometimes it requires us to start asking questions and asking why does my body want these foods that make me feel heavy, or do I want them because I feel heavy in the first place?

Honour your body and please, please, don’t listen to that part of your mind telling you you’re not beautiful or sexy, because everyone is, in their own authentic right. Everyone. That’s what makes us truly unique and special. We can own it, embrace it and know that we’re on a journey with our bodies of learning that we are enough and so we become the best version of ourselves.