I am here to empower and encourage the Limitless Potential in you and experience transformation in your mind, body and spirit.

JOSHUA LITTLE | Creative Coach - Strategic Interventionist


Hey, I’m Joshua and I am a Life Coach.

I have worked as a Professional Actor and Singer over the last few years and love to be creative, intuitive and dedicated to any work I am undertaking. My experiences through life and the choices I have made have taken me on an incredible journey towards healing myself and wanting to help others.

My training as a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Yoga Teacher as well as continuing to study the latest groundbreaking coaching and healing techniques ensures I have a lot to offer to every individual I work with on various levels of their journey. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and have experience in envisioning, branding, developing and marketing companies from the outset.

Why Choose Life Coaching?

Choosing a relationship with a coach enables time and energy dedicated to the sole purpose of you and your growth. It looks at the various areas of your life and removes blocks in the way of achieving the life you want to live. It effectively and quickly gets you from where you are to where you want to be.

We make the world a better place by starting with ourselves. We build more connection, have more fun and cultivate kindness and courage in everything we do.


We have a powerful first session where I can understand more about where you’re at and what you want. I then create your own personally tailored coaching programme.

We create a space for powerful conversation where visions are shared and miracles flow. I use the very best techniques including: Strategic Intervention Coaching, NLP, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Yoga, Quantum Theory, Spiritual Teaching, Lifestyle Strategy, Colour Therapy, Neurobiology, Physiology, Creative Therapy and Intuition.

There is nothing I love more than committing time and energy to experiencing growth in another persons life. As well as the weekly 75 minute coaching calls, I will be checking in with you regularly and encouraging you along your journey.

My coaching is primarily done via the internet (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom) and phone call, although I always aim to work to the needs of the individual.


If you are interested in taking your life to the next level and seriously committed to allowing your limitless potential to gloriously shine forth through the support and guidance of my coaching then schedule a complimentary call.

I’m excited to journey together into seeing vast enhancement in every area of your life!



A transformative programme for you to remove the limiting beliefs, emotions and blocks, digging deep into discovering your true limitless potential. We create clarity and discover ways to meet your needs healthily and effectively whilst elevating every area of life. We fine tune your intuition, create more room for the greater experiences life has to offer and find flow and ease. Goals become achievable, life becomes more effortlessly exciting and you live from your authentic power.


A personally tailored programme focussing on Empowering the Goddess in you. All those times you have felt unworthy, ugly or unloveable will simply become a thing of the past. We slay the dragons that you have had to deal with in life and eliminate those emotions and beliefs that have held you back from living from your truest authentic power. We let the leader within you gloriously shine forth in all her effortless beauty and cultivate a loving feminine energy that radiates in all areas of life.


This is for the Actors and anyone working in the Creative Industries wanting to find more fulfilling ways to “do” life. We get deep into the trauma and heal the hardships that you have experienced. We let your light, presence and joy shine brighter and bring forth an artist who sees no limitations. We get clear and focus on ways to effectively envision dreams and goals whilst taking the action, making the connections and living vibrantly, vitally whilst seeing you shining like the true star you are.